What is Green Building ?

Green Building is a development approach that incorporates the concept of sustainability into each step the real estate process.

Green Building provide economic , social and environmental benefits that create a (triple Bottom line ) for the real estate , This can not only reduce operating expenses , increase rent premiums , deliver high occupancy rates and improve net operating income (Not) .it can also increase overall asset value , boosting investment returns by Building Green.

We are constructing, operating and maintaining PARAMOUNT to meet the needs of today while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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How Paramount is Green ?

PARAMOUNT is following LEED V4. (The Reference guide for Building design and construction) developed by USGBC (U.S.Green Building council).

AGEC, The developer of PARAMOUNT is a member of USGBC.

The site is selected as a sustainable one.

Special Glass facades are used to increase flooded light into PARAMOUNT yet reduce the heat transfer into it, less electricity used for both to lighting and ALC.

Solar Energy Stations are used to light the Public Areas and heat water

Local water Recycling units are recommended for all sanitary facilities inside the Building the garage .Reef top & sunning greenery are all following the LEED V4 criteria.

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